Do It Yourself : Le PhotobookFest

Le PhotobookFest is a 3 days festival launched by Pablo Porlan and Emilie Hallard from Le Paris Photobook Club. The festival mainly supports the young publishing scene with independent publishing houses as well as self-published and DIY books.

For the second edition we’re encouraging people to produce more and more DIY photobooks in order to strengthen the fast growing scene of independent, self-published and DIY edition.

Le PhotobookFest is an inclusive free zone where to meet like-minded people, share ideas and know-how, broaden the horizon of the photobook as we know it.

Le PhotobookFest is hosted at L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank and Le bar Floréal. Those venues are located in the neighborhood of Belleville, home to one of Paris’s lively Chinatowns, a burgeoning artist quarter and a dizzying array of cultures.

We are glad to invite you to attend the following activities:

Rock your Dummy ! Open call, Exhibition & Award

– 2 Workshops (more details soon)

– Dummy reviews

– An exhibition of DIY and Selfpublished books

– Pop Up Bookshop  with l’Ascenseur Végétal and its Apero-Signings

– The Deli talks, some informal talks to get all the tips from the best editors and books makers

Programme soon to be communicate. Stay tuned !


From Friday14 to Sunday 17 November 2014

Opening Friday 14 November 18.30 to 21.00


L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank > 19 rue Bisson 75020 Paris (Metro station : Couronnes)

Le bar Floréal > 43 rue des Couronnes 75020 Paris (Metro station : Couronnes)

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