In this workshop each participant is going to create a hand-bound artist book based on printed matter collected in the weeks preceding Le PhotobookFest.

In two intense days of non-stop inspiration and creation you will see many examples of independent photobooks, you will get familiar with different BINDING TECHNIQUES and based on your own CREATION you will be able to create more ARTIST’S BOOK once the workshop is concluded.

Through a very free and practical approach and employing a wide range of far-from-ideal materials we learn about the importance of the right material choices and the crucial role of the book as an object. Through trial and error we realize how the book can become a barrier between the reader and the message and how it can turn into an integral part of the work itself, becoming more than just a container.


Instead of using our own photographs, every participant is requested to collect flyers, posters, packagings, rip-outs from magazines and newspapers, scribbles, test-strips, working prints and any other printed matter you can think of.

Participants are invited to bring some tools, as well as creating them, so that they can keep working on their books after the workshop.
– Bone folder [bic lighter]
– Utility knife with high quality break-off blades, best with little wheel to fix the blade (see this example:
– Metal ruler (starting at 0mm, no space before that, see this example:
– Awl (hole puncher, see this example: [sewing needle, piece of round wood that lies well in the hand; we will be able to make an awl out of this during the workshop]
– A3 cutting mat [linoleum or plastic floor material]
– scissors

DEADLINE: October 31st.
FEES : 150 euros
the workshop fees include all other materials.
When : Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of November, from 10am to 6 pm.
Workshop done in English but don’t worry about that 🙂

Nico Baumgarten is a photographer and a very active bookmaker in the indie self publishing scene. trying to find a way out of the limitations of the editorial and art market by creating books. He has studied photography at the IDEP in Barcelona and bookbinding at the CFP Bauer in Milan. He has self-published three books, all handmade in limited editions: Berlusconians / No Berlusconians (2011), Leer (2013) and ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio (2013). Nico has taught photography and bookmaking workshops in Berlin, Riga, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam.
His books are little handmade gems, made with love and patience. Nico was part of the best photo book dummy jury in Riga and jointly run a workshop with renowned photographer Rafal Milach at ISSP (,%20Ania%20Nalecka).

check some examples of some students here:

More info here:


Learn with RIOT BOOKS how to make INTUITION a powerful tool for your creative process and on the way get some wonder TIPS on how to PROMOTE your photobooks.

RIOT BOOKS believes in gutters, obsession, hardworking and most of all in the power of images.

RIOT BOOKS is going to hold a 1-day workshop during Le PhotobookFest in Paris, Friday November 14th, where you will reinforce your intuition in decision-making as well as strengthen your ability to defend conceptually and justify your point of view.

The workshop will be based on working groups and discussions, actively guided by us.
They will share with you their experience in the field and all the useful information about how to go from a dummy to a Photobook, and how to promote your own work.
At the end of the day, the created pieces will be donated to Le PhotobookFest with the respective authors mentions.

Send us via mail ( 10 pictures under the concept of POWER.
The images can be your own photographs, reproduced from a family album or found archive or appropriated from the Internet.
It does’nt matter if they are small size and pixeled, but be sure to send them in a .zip folder ready to print at size A4, 200 ppi.
They can be either Colour or Black and White.
DEADLINE: October 31st.
FEES : 75 euros

RIOT BOOKS PRESENTATION: Taking the example of the book “The Disappeared”, they will tell you the whole process from the dummy to the final book.
WRITING: Every participant will have to generate a small text about the topic “power” using the “automatic writing” technique, letting their emotions flow (you will have time to intellectualize it in the book making process). This text will be useful for the group book construction.
MAKING OF THE BOOK: The groups will work on the book concept and construction. Veronica and Ilkin will interact constantly and guide actively the whole process.
BOOKS PRESENTATIONS: Every group will present their book in front of everyone and justify their decisions.
USEFUL INFORMATION: Riot Books will make a presentation on their experience in the photo book world: book making, book promotion, deals with the authors and book stores and all you want to ask they will share it with you.



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