Exhibition 14-16 November 2014

Rock Your Dummy!  is  an open call for dummies to support and showcase the work of photobook makers from all over the world.

The Rock Your Dummy! awards aim to help photographers publish their photobook dummies. Maria Books, the latest publishing project of Le PhotobookFest, will work hand-in-hand with the winning photographer to launch the book with a special event in Arles 2015.

The exhibition will be open for the duration of the festival and hosted at L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank, 11 rue Bisson 75020 Paris.

  • Rock Your Dummy Award :
 All selected photobook dummies in the exhibition will be in the running for the “Rock Your Dummy Award.”  One winner will be selected by the main jury (to be announced soon) at Le PhotobookFest awards presentation on Sunday, 16 November. The winner of the “Rock Your Dummy Award” gets the opportunity to publish a book with Maria Books(more details soon).
  • Box of Dummies Award :
 As a result of the public vote,  a dummy will be selected to be included in the “Box of Dummies“, a traveling showcase through the branches of the Photobook Club network all over the world. For more information about the Box Of Books project:

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