Pop Up Bookshop

L’Ascenseur Végétal and the Tipi Bookshop will animate the two pop-up bookshop corners !

During the 3-day pop-up bookshops, you will find  a fine selection of self-published books, and books from independant publishing houses from all around the world!

The selection will include many titles you have heard about this year, hopefully some you have missed and will be happy to discover, including titles hot off the press, and also rare & out-of-print titles from 2013 and earlier.

Many of the books displayed will be available as signed copies, and a few pre-owned finds will be presented on the bookshop’s tables as well.

Booksigning sessions called « Apero-Signings » will be held on Friday evening (Nov. 14th – 6:00PM to 7:30PM) and on Saturday afternoon and evening (Nov. 15th – 3:00PM / 4.30PM and 6 / 8:30PM).

Our booksigning sessions are open-door, relaxed events, featuring no tables nor waiting lines, yet offering a friendly atmosphere in which you can enjoy a drink, mingle, talk about photobooks, look at the dummies exhibitions, and meet the artists who will freely roam the room and present, sign and inscribe their books for you.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Please do stay tuned for updates on the list of artists announced for the « Apero-Signing » sessions!

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